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Malaga is the biggest city of the Costa del Sol. It's airport welcomes 12 million new visitors every year and is a top 5 airport in whole of Spain. Malaga is close to the sea and has almosts 600.000 habitants.

With his history of 2800 years old, Malaga is also one of the oldest cities in the world.

Of course tourism is the most important income for the city, but is has also a big construction and technology base is and is after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia the place with the biggest economy.

If you want to visit Madrid when you are in Malaga, you can use the high speed train, that brings you to the capital of Spain within 3 hours. You can also take the boat to all kind of interesting places in Europe and Africa.

And last but not least Malaga has great wines. The wine Molino Real is considered as one of the best white wines of the world.